Did you know that if you are a small to medium business in Ireland, you can get half of the cost of a new website paid for by your Local Enterprise Board?! Holy moly, who wouldn’t turn that down? From a web developer point of view, we sure wouldn’t. Keep reading for a summary of this scheme, and how we would be delighted to help you take advantage of it. 

The Trading Online What Now?

The Irish government have decided to help out small businesses by running a project that pays half the cost of their swanky new website. There’s a ton of small print, sure, but it’s pretty easy to qualify. The main term/condition is in the name of the scheme – you must be trading online, so this means a website that can sell products or services, or take bookings. The scheme is not for what they call ‘brochure’ websites, i.e. a website that just describes what you do, rather than somewhere the customer can actually purchase your stuff. It doesn’t even have to be a new website really! You can use the money to upgrade your current website with new e-commerce software, develop an app, develop a digital marketing strategy, or even just consultation on any of those areas. Very flexible!

They cap the contribution at €2,500, but unless you’re operating a shop that has a huge variety in products, then a €5,000 site is probably absolutely grand. Don’t forget you don’t have to go this high! This is just the upper limit. If you need a site that costs significantly less, they’ll match their half of that price too.

Do you have: fewer than ten employees, turn over less than €2m, and a (registered) year under your belt in your business? This scheme was made for you!

Unfortunately, this scheme doesn’t help you if you are a charity or non-profit 😢

Brilliant! What Next?

Don’t take our word for it, but head on over and read all the fine print at this link. There’s also this nice, visual guide. Then find your Local Enterprise Office here. They will see you right. And we are right here waiting in the wings for when you get the forms, and can help you fill in the details. Good luck!

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