There are grammar and spelling mistakes that we end up fixing time and time again, no matter what kind of website it is, who wrote the copy for it, or the tone it is striking. So here is a list of common typo-type things, a list of ole chestnuts really, which you may or may not be interested in saving your current website copy from. Give your copy a DIY makeover, and inject a string of benefits into your online presence. Such as no longer irking your readers, and not having to fork over money for people like us to do it sometime. Get out the lint roller, and run it over the stuff you’ve written, and it will shine like new!

Six Common Copy Mistakes You Can Avoid or Fix At Your Leisure*

*Some of these are style issues, and as with everything in life, YMMV. The main thing is consistency, so if you’re happy with the spelling/ grammar style in question, more power to you!

  1. Its vs It’s: never use it’s in a situation where you don’t mean it isIt’s has nowt to do with possession.
  2. 1990s not 1990’s, VIPs not VIP’s, BBQs not BBQ’s – ad infinitum!
  3. We 😍  the Oxford comma here, but it’s a controversial issue! It basically means sticking a comma before any ands or ors, mainly in a listy sense. Watch the video in that link, and join us on the the dark side…
  4. Remember brackets? Or to use their Sunday name, parentheses? You can still use these, you know. They didn’t become illegal once you left school. Do you have a sentence that has enough clauses in it to warrant a boyband of commas? Try parentheses!
  5. Spell out a number that is below 100; don’t if it’s above 100. In descriptive sentences, at least. Not in a product pricing situation 😯
  6. Do you randomly capitalise Nouns? We aren’t in Germany! If in doubt, leave it out.

The Hemingway App has good reviews, but watch out it doesn’t suck the soul out of your voice. Ultimately, people aren’t breathlessly in love with your writing because of its adherence to grammar; they want you, no matter the typos. No harm in trying it out though! They have a free trial on their site.

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