We are all saying the same things online, all of the time. It boils down to a few essentials, such as ‘buy this’, ‘sign up here’, ‘follow me’, or ‘hire me’. Your customer doesn’t even hear these phrases anymore as they are so boringly ubiquitous. They’re part of the furniture – a magnolia coloured wall. Yawn. We got bored even typing them. 

So What Do You Say Instead?

The selling is all in the phrasing. That sounds like something from Mad Men, but we promise we just made it up. You have probably already tweaked your regular sales copy as much as you can; now it’s time to focus on the small details that tend to fade to invisible unless you pop them right out with some originality. Here are some alternatives to try:

Instead of About Me* in your page title, try:
What’s the Story // The Long and the Short of It // Behind the Scenes
*Do still use About in your url slug for SEO.

Instead of Sign Up under your newsletter, try:
I’m in! // Yes please! // I do want to XYZ // BOOM!

Instead of Admin as your username, try something themed to your business! You may have noticed all our blog posts are signed off from Tailor-in-Chief. Do you run a café? Try Brilliant Barista. A graphic design agency? Try Louth’s Leonardo. Your customer will notice, and then make a reminder to tell their partner about it over dinner! You’ve got them talking about you!

Instead of Welcome to my Site, ask a question and give the answer.
Are you Gasping for Coffee? We Have Some!
Do you Need a Charger Lead? We Sell Those!
Tired of Looking for Quirky Baby Pants? Your Search is Over!

We help you make a website that stands out, so that your customer remembers it. Customising common website phrases is as important to us as customising your icons or your photography. It all boils down to making the website more you, because that’s what your customer is buying into, not a theme with a few plugins in its backend 😲

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