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It’s All in the Shaping: Custom Phrases

We are all saying the same things online, all of the time. It boils down to a few essentials, such as 'buy this', 'sign up here', 'follow me', or 'hire me'. Your customer doesn't even hear these phrases anymore as they are so boringly ubiquitous. They're part of the...

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The Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Did you know that if you are a small to medium business in Ireland, you can get half of the cost of a new website paid for by your Local Enterprise Board?! Holy moly, who wouldn't turn that down? From a web developer point of view, we sure wouldn't. Keep reading for a...

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Take a Lint Roller to Your Copy

There are grammar and spelling mistakes that we end up fixing time and time again, no matter what kind of website it is, who wrote the copy for it, or the tone it is striking. So here is a list of common typo-type things, a list of ole chestnuts really, which you may...

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